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  • 8 Soothing Sounds. White Noise, Heartbeat, Water, Dryer, Ocean, Wind, Rain, and Birds.
  • Simple companion app. Control sounds, timer & volume from the other room with iOS (14 or higher) and Android (Marshmallow or higher) devices.
  • Custom timer. Set sounds to play for any custom duration, for minutes or hours.
  • Easy touch controls. Play, stop, skip, or adjust volume with simple touch control on the device. Must be plugged in for power. Wi-Fi connection required.
  • Includes free trial of Hatch Premium — an optional in-app subscription that will help make bedtime even more magical with unlimited access to bedtime stories, music & more. (Subscription sold separately)
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Product Description

baby sleep, sound machine, baby sleep soother, sleep sounds, white noise
sleep sounds, white noise, baby sleep soother
sleep app, control from your phone, sound machine, white noise, baby sleep soother
sound machine, control remotely, white noise, baby sleep soother

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BEST SELLERS RANK#768 in Baby (See Top 100 in Baby) #6 in Baby Sleep Soothers
Đánh giá
bởi K.M.K.
I have several of the original Hatch rest sound machines for my children so I was excited to get one for myself without the nightlight. I appreciate that it is easy to use with the app, however, with the mini you need a subscription to use functions I have with my original hatch rests like setting programs for when it should turn off each morning. Now every night I have to manually put in a timer for when it should turn off since I’m not going to pay another $50 a year when all I need is white noise. Frustrating but I should have researched better before I bought it.
bởi L Gibson
We have 2 hatch rest+ for my kids rooms and needed one for our bedroom for whenever they nap in there. We love the ease of the hatch rest+. So I liked the idea of the mini since it is smaller and I don’t necessarily need the light functions. I am disappointed with the hatch rest mini.The button on the mini is very difficult to use. Sometimes it works the first time.... sometimes it takes multiple touches before it comes on. The metal ring on the rest+ is SO much easier.The app looks completely different when trying to change sounds on the mini as compared to the hatch rest+. It has a new layout that is filled with adds about buying into the subscription. You can’t turn it off and you can’t change it to the simple version like the hatch rest+. So it’s wired for me to see the two different layouts in the same app.One of my favorite features of the rest+ is the ability to save favorites. So that we can set it to only the sounds we want to use. This is not an option on the mini. You have to just manually go through each sound until you get to the one you want.The basic sounds are the same as the hatch rest+. So I guess that’s how they are alike. I know it’s not the same product and you can’t expect it to have all the same features. But if you are familiar to the hatch rest+ this mini is going to be very different.
bởi sarah
I have the hatch+ that I love. We needed something for our bedroom since we were taking the hatch back and forth. I thought this would have similar functionality. Unfortunately, it extremely frustrating to use.90% of the time I can't get the thing to turn on with the button. I then, have to open the app with then takes forever to connect. When I'm turning it off, sometimes it skips to the next sound instead so i have to jump through the rotation to get back to the one we use incase it does turn on with the button, next time.These were designed so far apart that the interface in the app is completely different and you'll find setting in different locations.It only works when connected to wifi. Took it with us to my parents for the weekend. I read that when it turns on it will just play whatever your last setting was if it cant find wifi. Well I couldn't get the damn thing to turn on. Eventually, used my husbands phone as a hotspot and reconnected it. Totally what I wanted be doing when its bedtime...We ended up buying a wireless, portable one for $12 that works like a dream. I was so happy with the hatch that I threw out the box when we got this one. Too back because I would have returned it. I'll use it until it dies or we move our son out our room permanently.
bởi Nayda Sadr
I tried a different noise machine before this one was recommended to me. I love the simplicity of it but what sold me was the realistic sleep sounds. I gave it 4-stars because anything that comes with an app that pesters you to purchase "premium" content irritates me. I do also wish there were more sound options for the not-premium version. Other than that, I am very happy with this purchase.
bởi Dorian Nelson
We have two of the original Hatch Rests in our home that work very well for us. This one is a different story…we bought this because we have become used to using white noise to fall asleep since our kids slept in our room when they were very young. We loved our other Hatch sound machines so we decided to get this one for our bedroom.The buttons are very difficult to use. They rarely work the first time I try to touch them, and 90% of the time, it changes the sound instead of turning the machine off or on. This is especially annoying because the machine turns back onto whatever sound it was playing last, so whenever I accidentally change the sound, I have to go back into my app to change it back. I would definitely not purchase this again, and will likely be purchasing a different sound machine soon, as I am writing this review after fighting with this silly thing for the hundredth time.
bởi Maple S.
If your baby falls asleep in one room and you need to move them to another, you cannot move this sound machine with you without turning it off. My mistake for not reading before I bought it, but so annoying still.The on and off sensor button thing on top never works or is hard to use. I’m not incompetent, this machine just sucks. It only has about 8 sounds, which are decent quality if you want to sleep to water running or birds singing, but it only has one white noise option and it’s terrible.Finally, the app never works. If I could use the app consistently to work this thing I would keep it, but I have an easier time talking to the google speaker than using this app on my phone. So frustrating when your baby is sleeping on you and you can’t adjust volume or sounds, makes you wanna chuck it out the window.It’s a $50 yearly subscription to get any other sounds on it. It’s pretty much just a speaker, and not a very good one. The best thing about this product is the marketing! You’re better off going with a wireless bluetooth speaker.
bởi Tatiana
I have owned several sound machine in the past 3 years all for my kids. Currently use the Hatch light for my oldest son and I’m satisfied with it. Got this one for my baby after losing power momentarily one night and having to go back inside her room to turn the machine back on. This seemed like a great option since I could control it from my phone. However, the noise it produces is very artificial. It annoys me when I’m in the room with her and the machine is on. It’s far from soothing or relaxing. The other features seem nice but don’t use them. Will return.