YAMAY Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Watches for Men Women, Fitness Watch Heart Rate Monitor IP68 Waterproof Digital Watch…
1,812,000 đ
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 1,812,000 đ
Giá Trước Thuế tại Mỹ $35.99
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  • ♥【Accurate Fitness Tracker Watch】- YAMAY watch will accurately track your all-day steps,calories consumption,distance traveled,heart rate.It also supports extra 7 sports modes to help you track your other exercise patterns,and will connect to smartphone's GPS to draw the route map in the related app.
  • ♥【 Smart Watches for iPhone Android Phones】- This watch is compatible with most iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones(not for pc or tablet).You can get call, text, calendar,email and messages alerts and read them diredctly on the watch.This watch can fit for 6.5 - 9.5 inch wrist(perimeter), suitable for men women and kids.
  • ♥【 Sleep Tracker with More Practical Tools】- This fitness watch will auto detect and track your sleep,and analyze your sleep quality.You can easily check the data in the verfitpro app.This watch also has many pratical tools,like alarm clocks,music controller,deep breath guide,sedentary reminder,stopwatch,timer.
  • ♥【 7+ Days Battery & Swimming Waterproof】- Compared with traditional watches,YAMAY digital watch enhanced the battery life a lot.With one single full charge,it can work 7-10 days.This watch also has IP68 waterproof standard,you can wear it with no worries when washing hands or swimming
  • ♥【 Stay Active and Stay Healthy】- This tracker watch has accurate readings,practical tools,stylish looks,light-weight and comfortable wearing on the wrist,and with affordable price,being a very good gift for friends and family members to help them Stay Active and Stay Healthy
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Product Description

yamay smart watch fitness tracker watch
YAMAY Smart Watch for Android and iOS Fitness Tracker Smartwatch iPhone Samsung Watch for Men Women YAMAY Smart Watch for Android and iOS Fitness Tracker Smartwatch iPhone Samsung Watch for Men Women YAMAY Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Monitor Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Watch for Women Men yamay smart watch for men women iphone android phones yamay fitness tracker fitness tracker
Click to View Click to View Click to View Click to View Click to View Click to View
Waterproof Standard IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68
Sleep Tracker / Heart Rate Monitor
Sports Mode 9 9 14 13 14 14
Call Message Alerts
Breath Guide
Female Health Tracker
Blood Pressure Monitor
Blood Oxygen Monitor
Charging Method Magnetic Charging Magnetic Charging Charging Clip Magnetic Charging Built-in USB Plug Built-in USB Plug
Battery Life 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 10 Days 5-7 Days 5-7 Days

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AMAZON BEST SELLERS RANK#542 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
Đánh giá
bởi Tamires & John
 I always wanted a smartwatch and this one is everything I was looking for. It looks very similar to the Apple watch so everyone asks me if it is an Apple watch. I don't know exactly what the Apple watch tracks but this watch tracks everything that I need. I show in my video everything you can see on the watch. There is more info on the app. You can see your sleep tracking and configure pretty much everything on the watch through the app. You get a lot of graphs which is really good when you are trying to be a little bit more fit. I absolutely love this watch. I had a watch before and it needed to charge EVERY DAY. I have been using this watch for a week straight and it still has 30% of battery. I like when I am in a room and my phone in another, I can check my messages and notifications from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. I also really like the timer function when I am cooking, it is so much easier than go to the room and get my phone and set up the timer. I think the best thing of all is that an Apple Watch cost around $200 and this one was less than $50. I am just really pleased with it.
bởi Jodi
I love gadgets and am always looking for new watches with different features. I like a watch with smart features (phone notifications, etc), combined with fitness features (workout tracking, etc.).As I mentioned, I love new gadgets, so I was pretty excited about checking this watch out. I have had the watch for 3 days now, and feel like I can give you a pretty good idea of what I like and what I don’t like.I exercise 6 to 7 days a week. I live in Upstate NY, so right now, most of my workouts are done on a treadmill. I currently wear a Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch ($185 when I purchased it). For this review, I wore both watches, one on my right wrist, and one on my left wrist, so that I could give you a good comparison to a “fitness watch.”I’ll start with PACKAGING:It arrived in a small Amazon box. In the box was a nice compact, nice looking watch box. In the box, there was the watch, a magnetic charger, and an instruction manual (in English – YAY!!).LOOKS:I’ve never been a big fan of Apple products, but I’ve always liked the look of the apple watch. This watch is very similar in size and style to an apple watch. My kids have apple watches, so I promise that’s not an ignorant assumption. The watch band is a silicone watch band that can be switched out easily. It is a little long for me. I like the bands that tuck under instead of on the outside, so if I continue wearing this, I will definitely switch the strap. I don’t know the exact size of the band, and can’t find any information on it. I think this information should be provided by the seller. I switch the band on my Vivoactive all the time…I just had to know the correct band size for that one.SET UP/DIRECTIONS:Set up with the included directions was super simple. I have a phone that is typically difficult to sync with Bluetooth (a Huawei Mate SE), but this watch synced quickly. Oddly, it stayed connected to Bluetooth much better than my Vivosmart. I have constant issues with my Vivosmart and need to restart my phone every couple days to get it to start working again.COMPATIBLE APPS:You can sync this watch with Strava or Google Fit. I’ve never used Strava and don’t really care for Google Fit. The only thing I really wanted it to sync with was Myfitnesspal. I tried to figure out how to do that, but couldn’t seem to make it happen. This is kind of a deal breaker for me, as I track my calories daily, and my consumption is based on calories burned. My vivoactive does a great job at this.NOTIFICATIONS:This watch can be set up to buzz your wrist (or not) when notifications come in from your phone. I prefer a little buzz. This watch functions very well with notifications from my phone. I can read and delete notifications for most messages right from the watch (calendar, email, text, facebook, Instagram, messenger). I noticed that I can’t read emails…I just get a notification that an email has been delivered and can see who it’s from. That doesn't bother me, as I find any watch difficult to read an email from. I haven’t seen calendar notifications either, even though I have that setting turned on. I'm assuming there's a calendar setting I need to change for that. When my phone rings, the watch lets me know who’s calling. Calls can be rejected from the watch. There is no speaker or microphone, so you can’t answer calls from the watch.DISPLAY:The display is colorful and clear. I have set up so that when I flick my wrist, the display turns on. I’ve tried turning the screen on by just touching it, but that doesn’t work. If it doesn’t turn on when I flick my wrist (which happens frequently), I have to push the button on the side to see the display. There are only 4 watch faces with very little data available on them. Time and date are the only things available. You have to scroll down to see steps, mileage, calories burned and weekly totals. You have to scroll left to see heart rate data (btw…heart rate monitor works well….it’s very close to my vivoactive. Step count is about the same, too). I would prefer a much larger selection of watch faces. I like to have watch faces that match my mood, clothing, holiday, etc.OTHER SETTINGS:1. Music control – works as it should. I can use the watch to start and pause the music on my phone. It lets you set your preferred music app within the settings in the app.2. Healthcare – gives you menstrual and ovulation predictions.3. Timer – stopwatch, timer and alarm all available on the watch.4. Sleep tracker – I honestly don’t pay much attention to this on any watch, but this watch does track sleep. All info can be found on the app. The data on this watch was very similar to what I see on my Vivoactive.EXERCISE:I’ve only used this to track runs on the treadmill. I haven’t used it with the GPS yet. This watch does not have onboard GPS, but you can use the GPS on your phone to track an outdoor run, walk, hike, etc. Just keep in mind that you’ll always have to have your phone with you. I usually don’t leave home without mine, so this isn’t a big deal 😊.There are 9 different activity modes built in to the app (walking, running, bicycle, hiking, climbing, workout, spinning, treadmill and yoga). 8 of them can be added to the watch and can be re-ordered, depending on your preference. Since I run on the treadmill, I like that one to come up first.After a workout, I can see my stats. It tells me how long the workout lasted, calories burned, how many “miles” I went, pace, average heart rate, and heart rate details (how long in certain heart rate zones). I’d like to say that these stats are accurate, but the distance is not (which affects pace and speed). For example, this morning, I ran 2.57 miles. This watch says that I went 1.93 miles. My vivoactive gives me the option to calibrate my watch to the distance on the treadmill. I can’t figure out how to do that on this watch. I’m sure the running feature works much better on this watch when GPS is used with the watch.BATTERY:This thing has amazing battery life. I haven’t charged it yet and it’s still at 75% after 3 days.IP68:I haven’t done more than test this watch under running water, but I like the fact that I can wear it while swimming.BOTTOM LINE – If you’re looking for a smartwatch with a great price, you really can’t go wrong with this watch. It does everything that they say it does, and it does it well. I would suggest this watch to anyone just starting out with a smartwatch. If you’re not concerned about syncing with a calorie counting app, and if you don’t mind only having a few watch faces, I think you’ll be pretty happy!
bởi Silviya
I've own other smart watches/trackers in the past and they were OK, nothing special. I bought this one mostly for the look, but I'm impressed of all the functions that offers. The pink color is exactly as pictured and the it looks even more beautiful in person. It also looks more expensive! I've used it for a week now and the battery is at 42%, so that means I'll have to charge it only twice a month! The Bluetooth connection is active all the time, it never drops (I had this issue with another device). I just learned today I can control the music on my phone/car by enabling this function on the app! Still getting familiar with the mobile app, as there is probably something else this watch can do. So far, I'm a very happy user!It's also great for a gift, as it comes beautifully packed (see pics)
bởi Kasia
 I liked this Yamay Fitness Tracker Smart Watch. It is a great value for the quality for $38.99. Compared to similar products, I think this is a fabulous deal. You really get your money’s worth. I like that it is very light and feels great when it is on my wrist. I like wearing this watch when doing exercise such as running and yoga. When I select run, the watch will track my time, miles, and heart rate. It will play songs from your phone as you run. What more can I ask for? Great deal!
bởi B Nunes
I just got this watch today and so far I love it! I downloaded the VeryFitPro app that goes with it and set up the notifications for my text messages, emails, Facebook and Instagram.I am a petite with a small wrist and the band fits on the very last notch.It came fully charged and it was really easy to set up. It connected easily with Bluetooth and binded to the app with no problems either.Just what I wanted without the large price tag.Would purchase again. Highly recommend!
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