ViCherub Men's Thermal Underwear Set Long Johns Fleece Lined Warm Base Layer Thermals 2 Sets for Men
1,349,000 đ
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 1,349,000 đ
Giá Trước Thuế tại Mỹ $39.99
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  • Easy Care: Machine Washable, Dry quickly, Repeatedly washed without shrinking, No fading with the highest grade color fastness, Non-irritating. No Laddering. Perfect for men, teen, boy.
  • Perfect Gift for Family & Friends: Warmth is the best expression of love in the cold winter, Our thermal set is your first gift choice for Christmas, New Year, birthday, holiday Valentine's Day.
  • 92% Ultra-soft Polyester and 8% Spandex: The inside of the mens thermal underwear is super soft, comfortable, and snug but it doesn't restrict movement at all. They are comfortable, warm, and color-fast after many washes. These fleece lined long johns fit perfectly and when temperatures are close to or are freezing cold, they keep you quite warm.
  • Good Moisture Wicking and Sweat Elimination: When you are sweaty and hot from exercising, the thermals underwear set can decrease sweat or any moisture that may occur by wicking it away from your skin to dry more quickly, all the while, insulating from the cold.
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Wear: Winter, outdoor work, travel, camping & ski wear. The base layer thermal set will meet all of your needs and expectations. You can wear them outdoors or indoors and be confident you will have maximum comfort and protection results.
  • Highly Stretchable: Offers full mobility and freedom of movement. Wear-resistant and shrink resistant material.The thermal underwear can be worn as comfy pajamas on cold, chilly nights.
  • 2 PIECE SETS:The thermal underwear set consists of two parts, top and pants, with two colors for you to choose from:Black & Grey, Black & Black, Black & Charcoal (S M L XL XXL). Classic colors for different fashion choose.
Black + BlackBlack + GreyBlack + Charcoal
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Product Description

Thermal Underwear

These ViCherub Fleece Lined Thermals are well designed for wear under your clothes OR alone.

These long underwear are silky on the outside but lined with soft thermal fleece on the inside, provides a lightweight layer that feels soft under the skin, They are fit snug enough that there is no bulkiness showing when worn under clothes-even underneath jeans without disrupting your style.

mens thermal underwear black thermal underwear for men grey thermal underwear grey thermal underwear thermal underwear thermal underwear
Thermal Underwear Set for Men Black Thermal Underwear Set for Men Grey Thermal Underwear Set for Boy Black Thermal Underwear Set for Boy Black&Grey Thermal Underwear Set for Women Black&Grey Thermal Underwear Set for Girl Black&Grey
Material 92% microfiber and 8% spandex 92% microfiber and 8% spandex 92% microfiber and 8% spandex 92% microfiber and 8% spandex 92% microfiber and 8% spandex 92% microfiber and 8% spandex
Packing 1 Pack = 2 Piece 1 Pack = 2 Piece 1 Pack = 2 Piece 2 Pack = 4 Piece 2 Pack = 4 Piece 2 Pack = 4 Piece
Size S to XXL S to XXL XS to XL XS to XL S to XXL XS to XL
Fleece Lined

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Đánh giá
bởi james
OK...just found my new everyday wearable in the winter....these fit amazing and are FREAKING WARM......Ive worn them 2 days in a row(just get them yesterday)....I'm buying 2 more pair so I have 6 total...that way I can wear them everyday.....Listen to me...I leave reviews for items that deserve it....These deserve it....if you like to be this.....I'm black...Im always cold lol...not favorite under clothing....AWESOME!!!!!! and NO I was not paid anything for this review....although I should get a free pair or something:) Your welcome and enjoy!!!!
bởi TechMama
Got these for my husband for the harsh winters we get around here. His body has some pretty serious reactions to the cold, so it is important to keep him warm. Even just going to and from work, and while he is at work and gets a lot of the door and window air hitting him while he is sitting at his desk, is challenging. We looked carefully at the measurements and decided XL would be the best for his needs. Ignore their sleeve measurements. My husband wears a 34/35 sleeve and these were plenty long enough. They are fleece lined, making them extremely comfortable. He said he did not get overheated in them but felt so comfortable in them all day he could sleep in them. They wash easily. I air dry them though to make sure they don't shrink. We haven't tested them on a full 50 degrees below zero day, but from what I hear about this winter, I am sure we will get that opportunity soon enough. Meanwhile, they are holding strong.
bởi Official Best
Finally long underwear that are truly warm! I was skeptical when I ordered due to the lower price and then also when I first took them out of the package as they are very lightweight but upon putting them on, I immediately could tell they would be warm and they are. Warmer than brands I've tried with a much higher price tag. The reason for 3 stars is because the top is too short at the base combined with the slick texture of the material, it is not easy to keep them tucked in. Also the bottoms have a waist band made from the same material that isn't very strong so they work their way down and also causes whatever you are wearing over them to slide down more than standard thermal bottoms. Another issue that isn't as bad is the sleeves also tend to work their way up your forearm. I went from a 5 star experience out of the package down to a 3 due to these frustrating aspects. I am returning them for a size larger to see if this helps. UPDATE: Getting one size larger than what I would normally order worked and now I am very happy with this purchase. I highly recommend ordering a size up so you can tuck in your top and keep sleeves in place.
bởi CoryPA
I needed a cheap pair of base layers that I didn’t mind abusing during outdoor mud/rain/muck workouts. I do have merino wool layers for outdoor adventures, but I prefer not to shred and them. Just wanted a form fitting poly layer to keep the wind and chill at bay. These fit the bill. I am 5’11” 180#, average to athletic build and I ordered the Medium. I wanted to make sure they were form fitting and not baggy. Theses baselayers stretch well, so the Medium works for me. The pants are a bit short, but I wear calf socks to overlap anyway. The material, seams, stitching, elastic all seem up to par. Would buy again.
bởi Jillian VanMeter
Got these for my husband when he started panicking that his late October camping trip was going to be too cold to sleep comfortably. Normally he's his own space heater so I figured a good set of long underwear would work to hold his heat in. They are SUPER soft, and have a lot of good stretch to be comfortable. He says they are really cozy and warm and worked perfectly to help hold his heat in on the 36° nights with nothing but some PJ pants and a hoodie in addition to his sleeping bag. I was anxious that they'd be too tight on him, because fitted clothes I usually have to order a size up, but I didn't want them to be baggy since they were to be for warmth. Conveniently the XL was PERFECT on him at 6' and 230ish lbs. The ankles had a little extra fabric, so they'd have worked with someone who's a little taller (he usually wears 38×31 jeans and XL tops for reference).
bởi Bradley D.
I was confused at first about the number of sets I would receive but to be clear, you will receive two long shirts and two pants for a total of 2 sets. This a great deal for the price. The quality and feel is very comfortable. They feel good as a bottom layer to my pants and work shirts. They are very easy to move in and don't ride my crouch when I'm out walking or running. I especially love the easy access for urinating or other activities ;) I'm about to buy my girlfriend a pair. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will purchase again. Thanks
bởi Stephen Langley
* Provided an honest review in exchange for an Amazon gift card.First off, these are super comfortable: the fleece is very soft, and they are VERY warm. When I wear these, I almost always wind up shedding layers. They do their job really well. I'm hunkering down for a Chicago winter, so I know what cold is. =)That being said, it's hard to get the fit quite right. I'm 6'1" and 175 pounds. I ordered the Medium size, and they fit my slim frame snugly, but the sleeves and legs were much too short. So, I exchanged for a Large size (the exchange process was easy, no problems). The Large size is long enough for my arms and legs, but a little baggy around the middle and the crotch (you can see it bunching up in the picture).However, they still fit comfortably under my every day clothes, and I anticipate that over time and washing, they will shrink somewhat. I'm more than content. Just be aware, if you are slim and tall, it probably won't be a perfect fit!
bởi Mike
The reviews were correct. Go with a larger size than normal. I ordered both large and x-large (going to give the large to my son). I'm 6'2" tall and weigh 190lbs. The Large sleeves and pant legs are not long enough. The X-Large are just long enough (the only problem being that they are kind of baggy around the crotch and rear). I also ordered Hot Chilly's. All I can say is; it's a completely different fit and feel. ViCherub is a softer feel inside while the HC's are more "spandexy". I'm a little concerned with the waist band on the ViCherubs but I'll report back on warmth and wear as the cold rolls in in New England.
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