B Health Womens Medical Nursing Scrub Top Apparel - Classic Fit, 6 Pockets, Easy Care, Minimal Wrinkling, Cotton Blend
954,000 đ
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Giá Trước Thuế tại Mỹ $26.00
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  • ☑️ QUALITY - This timeless womens medical scrub top is tailored for maxium comfort and stitched for ultimate durability.
  • ☑️ CLASSIC FIT - A slightly tapered waistline and mock wrap design allow for a flattering silhouette without being constricting for free and easy movement throughout your work day.
  • ☑️ FEATURES - 4 large front pockets and 2 slender pockets for writing utensils (pen, highlighter, dry erase market) or handy tooks like a penlight.
  • ☑️ FABRIC - 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. Our slightly thicker weight creates a more luxurious feel than your typical nurses uniform. A majority of cotton composition allows for breathable comfort while polyester content allows for easy care and minimal wrinkling.
  • ☑️ ETHICALLY MADE - All of our scrubs are made at our ethically run factory in India. We set a new standard for manufacturing that revolutionizes the way garment workers and artisans are treated, viewed, and employed. Our 6 ethical principles include healthcare services, social mobility, family planning education and services, women's rights and leadership, and worker satisfaction.
MaroonBlackOrchid HushAegean BlueCiel/Alaskan BlueDeep LakeGreyKhaki/Smoke GreyNavyPurpleAsh RoseRoyal BlueSea Blue
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Product Description

B Health Apparel Medical Scrubs Healthcare Comfort Functional
B Health Apparel Medical Scrubs Healthcare Comfort Functional
B Health Apparel Medical Scrubs Healthcare Comfort Functional
B Health Apparel Medical Scrubs Healthcare Comfort Functional
B Health Apparel Medical Scrubs Healthcare Comfort Functional
B Health Apparel Medical Scrubs Healthcare Comfort Functional

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Đánh giá
bởi Bertie
The fabric does not stretch
bởi T
I would order a size up. It restricts my shoulders a bit.
bởi Lorreen Serls
Just as described: durable, thick, comfortable, soft, and luxurious! I got size small in Ash Rose and I am 5'5 125lbs with a looong torso and short legs (I normally wear 30in inseam pants, 34B bra) The quality is great and feels expensive. The fabric is thick, feels cool to the touch (not hot), almost silky finish which is great because a lot of scrubs can feel rough. The cut is average like most unisex scrubs. I personally like a more athletic cut so these were a little bigger for my expectations and I would order a size smaller (XS) for future purchases. The quality so good and comfortable though, I would wear these regularly. I work as a dental hygienist and wear a lab coat/jacket during the day so I don't use the pockets as much but, the pockets work well for me and my tasks (mainly just holding my phone or loupes battery). I washed these once and they were sitting in the dryer for a day before I pulled them straight out to wear them for these photos. Seem to be fairly wrinkle-resistant but, Cherokee Infinity scrubs are better if you're worried about wrinkles. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who wears scrubs!
bởi The Girl Utah
Scrubs are just one of those things... that are necessary in the medical world and yet, they still have not made them very fashion forward..!! Having said that, one way to add a little flair is by fun colors and design. I chose to order these in black and use for the Halloween festivities at the office- what works quite well with a solid color idea… They can be used for other regular day scrubs as well! I suggest getting colors vs. holiday prints! With color matching you will definitely get more bang for your buck and will not be limited to one small holiday window.. just a helpful hint to pass along! Hack: add a fun printed lanyard in holiday theme.. its so economical and a way to add flare to your scrubs.. giving an easy holiday touch. Ha! keep in mind, accessories just “pop!” on the black background..!!Fit: scrubs have no stretch.. across-the-board in design, this just is not a thing Ive ever found. These are no exception.. Tops: cut is a bit more fitted (silhouetted) and therefore, run a tad smaller then expected or, standard. If between sizes I suggest- sizing up. The top has a piping seam leading off the neck opening.. My concern was this would feel awkward but, I was pleasantly surprised.. it is this line that helps give the “female figure appearance” and no! not a sexy ulala vibe… Just overall feminine feel.. if that makes sense?! The pockets are perfectly placed right off the waist line- making them very useful, ample big and easy access to hold all your expected items. Bottoms: pant offers plenty of length- being worn by 5’3” person.. these had to be hemmed in order to fit a shorter rounder thru mid section person. But, waist, hip, thigh all on point with fit.. some brands offer a taper at the ankle, these do not. So, expect “boot cut.”Material has the standard pre-treated expectation scrubs should have.. the scotch-guarding for stain resistance is there! I see the attention to stitch and detailing- with no loose seams/threads. These have an overall feel of quality.. and confidence that they will step up to the task of a “day in the life in scrubs!”At a time when covid is raising havoc worldwide.. these are a staple for first responders- they not only need something easy and durable to wear each day but, an item made to keep to keep up and perform without issue.. these feel solid. With a price point of $26 a piece, is on par with solid scrubs and as long as these have the ability to go the distance- they should be a good investment. I hope this info can help your decision.. Feel free to let me know!
bởi Sagewood
I ordered this B Health Women’s Scrub Top for my wife and she says that she likes it so much. She does say that she likes the Sea Blue color, the design and styling of the waistline with the drawstring, the V- neck and she says that she likes that the front pockets can store most of the items for her job.My wife does say that she likes that this scrub top fits her pretty well as she likes her scrubs to be, and she says that it is comfortable to wear, easy to put on and take off and she likes the seams and the thickness of the fabric, and the stitching. My wife says she likes that the scrub seems to be made with good quality cotton and polyester materials and it appears to be durable, breathable and lightweight.She says that she likes that the fabric is soft, and smooth and gentle on her skin. Considering the quality and price point, it appears to be good value for bucks and I would recommend it.
bởi EdE
I ordered this B health Scrub Set and the pants arrived first, so I knew what to expect. The pants were sz. L and a bit too snug in the hips, and this top is sz. XL and better, but still a tad snug at the hip. The fabric is 60% cotton and 40% Polyester. I wish there had been some Spandex added for extra comfort and wiggle room. The material is kind of a smooth twill design, so it's dense and firm, kind of medium thick, and "no give"! It can be machine washed cold and dried on low, and I'm guessing the set will soften more over time. The top has plenty of pockets, a double row on both sides of the front extending to the side seams and all the way down to the bottom hem where there are two slits on the sides for extra movement. I like the V-neck crossover on the top. It gives it a little extra flair. This is the pretty Rose color, a nice muted dusty rose pink. 4 Stars = no stretch. Barb
bởi AmazingGrace
This B Health Women’s Classic Scrub top is fantastic! The material is super soft and feels very durable - made to be long lasting! This is a 60% (cotton) and 40% (polyester) blend. The top has front pockets on both sides - perfect to keep medical supplies, tools, pens, pads, stethoscope, etc. These are perfect for a nurse, aide, dental assistant, hygienist, etc.These run a tad bit big so I would size down one size in the top. See my pictures for the details! Overall, I highly recommend this scrub top!
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