Brooklyn Athletics Men's Twill Jogger Pants Soft Stretch Slim Fit Trousers
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  • BROOKLYN ATHLETICS: Our apparel draws inspiration from the East Coast surf and skate scenes. Clothing designed for individuals whose lifestyles are active, functional and adventurous. Designs feature modern and innovative details that appeal to everyone.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Soft brushed twill, gathered cuffs, adjustable drawcord provide added comfort. Sizing is designed for a slim/athletic fit. We recommend ordering a size larger for a loose fit. Model shown is 6'1" with an athletic build wearing a size med.
  • STYLE AND DESIGN: Two side pockets, one back pocket, elastic waistband. Jogger pants are tapered style sweatpants designed to have a slim/skinny fit compared to loose fitting sweatpants. The leg cuffs fall just above the ankle. Perfect for every season.
  • FUNCTION AND SIZING: Perfect for casual wear, exercise, active sports, lounging around the house or everyday use. Available in your favorite colors in regular, big and tall sizes. (S to 4XL ) See size chart to compare measurements and choose your fit.
  • MATERIAL AND FABRIC: Midweight twill fabric blend gives these pants a soft, comfortable feel in a stylish fit. Made from 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex. We stand by the quality of our apparel and includes no hassle 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.
Black Space DyeCamoOliveTobaccoWhiteWhite Space DyeBlackKhakiCharcoalNavy
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BROOKLYN ATHLETICS apparel draws inspiration from the East Coast surf and skate scenes. Our clothing is designed for individuals whose lifestyles are active, functional and adventurous. Designs feature modern and innovative details that appeal to everyone. It's time to get rid of those basic khakis and upgrade to our men's twill jogger pants. These pants are perfect for casual wear, everyday use, lounging around the house, or anything in between. The joggers feature slightly tapered legs with a slim fit, two side pockets and one back pocket. Other features include an elastic waistband, adjustable drawcord and gathered elastic cuffs around ankles for a custom fit. The twill fabric provides a comfortable and stylish fit for year round wear. These twill jogger pants for men are available in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can definitely find a pair that you'll love. Colors Available: Black, Camouflage, Khaki, Olive, Tobacco, Black Space Dye, White Space Dye. Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large.

From the manufacturer

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Brooklyn Athletics Men's Twill Jogger Pants Soft Stretch Slim Fit Trousers Brooklyn Athletics Men's Fleece Jogger Pants Active Zipper Pocket Sweatpants Brooklyn Athletics Men's Multi Pocket Stretch Brushed Twill Cargo Shorts Brooklyn Athletics Men's Active Workout Lounge Jogger Shorts Brooklyn Athletics Men's Zipper Pocket Active Workout Jogger Shorts Brooklyn Surf Men's Cozy Knit Fleece Jogger Pants Sweatpants
Style XFE4952A XFM1674A XSM2474A XSS3602A XSM4056A RFM0696A
Colors Black, Black Space Dye, White Space Dye, Camo, Khaki, Olive, Tobacco, White, Charcoal Gray, Navy Black Marl Gray, Onyx Marl Black, Olive, Solid Black, Gray Camo, Olive Camo, Black Streaky Print, Black Snow Charcoal, Tobacco, Black, Camo, Khaki, Navy, Olive, White Black Marl Gray, Onyx Marl Black, Black Streaky, Natural Black Marl Gray, Onyx Marl Black Black Marl Gray
Fabric Brushed Twill Midweight Fleece Brushed Twill French Terry French Terry Marl Fleece
Slim Fit
Pockets Slant Pockets - 2 Side, 1 Back Zipper Pockets - 2 Side, 1 Back 2 Side, 2 Back, 2 Cargo Flap Slant Pockets - 2 Side, 1 Back Zipper Pockets - 2 Side, 1 Back 2 Side Zipper Pockets, 1 Back Button Pocket
Leg Opening Elastic Gathered Cuffs (Above Ankle) Elastic Ribbed Cuffs (Above Ankle) Shorts (Above Knee) Shorts (Above Knee) Shorts (Above Knee) Elastic Ribbed Cuffs (Above Ankle)

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PACKAGE DIMENSIONS0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 inches
Đánh giá
bởi Thrifty Dude
Currently, I wear a 38” (38 inches / 38W / 38 W) US waist size pants (went up in size after having major surgery). Originally, I ordered a size x-large (xl / extra large), which fit well (when I was still a 36” waist size) but I needed the pants to be slightly loose for the surgery I had (I couldn’t wear tight or snug fitting clothing, as it would irritate the incision points post-op). I returned the xl’s and ordered a size up, the 2x-large (xxl / extra extra large / xx-l / xx-large), they were perfect and roomy enough to wear without bothering the incision points on my stomach. However, fast-forward a couple of months, I gained weight and went up 2” in waist size so now I fit even better in the xxl (to my dismay).Notes on washing & drying: The pants WILL shrink a bit when you wash them, you’ll probably lose about 1”-2” in waist size so take that into consideration. I wash these on the “hot” washer setting and dry on medium heat; I always tie the waist lace before washing and drying as it helps to maintain the waist elasticity and helps prevent excessive stretching of the waist.As for the photos, this is what my pants look like after 2.5 months of wear and tear (and about 4 days of wearing since their last wash).Maintenance: The plants look much crisper after a good wash and dry. Make sure to shake these out well, push the pocket in flat, and let them lay out flat after drying or they’ll get wrinkly and look disheveled.My general stats: 5’6” / 38” waist / big butt & thick thighs / 27” inseam / 220 lbsSince I’m short, these joggers are the perfect length to fold the bottom cuff inside itself, which makes these look like tailored pants instead of joggers. I personally hate the frumpy look of the bottom of joggers (including these), BUT if you’re short enough to get away with this trick, then you can dress up or dress down these pants to look somewhat nice or really casual.Fabric weight: These are on the thinner side and are comfortable enough to wear even when it’s a bit hotter out (70-85 degrees Fahrenheit). I get easily overheated so fabric breathability is super important to me. I’d say these breathe well and won’t smother your nether regions (like other pants will). I live in a Mediterranean climate (coastal dry heat ranging from 65 to 100, almost never dropping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit) so these pants are very versatile for wearing in the “cold” (50-68 degrees Fahrenheit) or in the “heat” (68-85 degrees Fahrenheit; if it’s over 85 degrees Fahrenheit, I wear shorts).I like these pants so much that I bought a second pair of the Tabacco color (size 2x-large) and a new pair of the Black color (size 2x-large). I also have a pair of the Khaki color (size 2x-large) but I’m not as big of a fan of them (mostly because I think all khaki colored pants are ugly).* I listed various versions of the same sizes in parathesis in order to make it easier to find when using the search review feature.I wrote this review specifically for the product called “Brooklyn Athletics Men’s Twill Jogger Pants Soft Stretch Slim Fit Trousers”, size 2x-large, colors: khaki & tabacco. I paid $15.75 for each item. I purchased these items in February 2018.
bởi Alan P.
I LOVE THESE PANTS! Very comfy, love the taper style of the pants. It’s been very hot and humid where I live, but I was able to wear them out one night where it was just mildly warm. I don’t feel restricted in these pants, able to move around, flexible. Of course, I love the cuff of the pants as well. All black, totally a versatile piece. As far as the fit, I purposely got a size up because of my build. My thighs are much larger than my calves. I typically would wear a medium in these pants, but Brooklyn Athletics has that NY fit, so I know it’s meant to “fit” you. But, I personally like some room. For reference, I’m 5’9” at 170lbs. Semi-athletic build.
bởi Mark R
One month update: Worn them maybe three times, washed them twice. Seams and threads coming out in several areas. These won’t last a year. I’d honestly rather these just cost $30 and last, rather than wasting $17 on trash. Too bad. Don’t waste your money. The price IS too good to be true._________________________________________Very cool looking joggers. Love the style. Fabric was not quite as soft as I expected, but no problem, I’ll just wear them in slightly different situations than I expected to.Size: from the sizing chart I thought I was for sure a medium, maybe a large. Every other guy on here said size up, and I agree. If in doubt or on the fence, size up. (Have yet to wash/dry. I’m sure they’ll shrink a bit and I’ll be even happier I sized up).Quality: Eh about as expected for $16.99 pants I bought on the internet. This is the reason I only gave 4 stars. The stitching/surging on the ankles was pretty sloppy and there’s a bunch of extra fabric sewn into the right pocket lining. No huge issues.Durability: TBD, just got them. Have yet to wash. Expectations are low, but again, $16.99 pants.All in all, mostly happy. I’d get another pair of these!
bởi bsnow
These pants fit, feel and look great, however the quality is really bad. I really want to love these. I ordered a pair in black and loved them, then ordered an olive green pair right away. Those ones came with issues in the stitching, and the seller exchanged for a new pair. I got the replacements yesterday and washed them and a back pocket got detached from the inside right away. These probably won’t hold up, but I’ll probably just keep them and just not use the pocket until they completely fall apart. I had better luck with the black ones, so maybe just stay clear of the olive green?
bởi Franc
I like the pants a lot but they started to come apart at the butt seems. I had them less than two weeks before I noticed. I really only wore them a few times also. Wish they'd last longer.
bởi Steven M. Long
Upon trying on these pants, I was impressed at first. They seemed soft, and moderately flexible. The only downside was that they were too short, which was disappointing, considering I'm 5'8"ish, and there's normally extra pant leg around my ankles. So I sent them back, and ordered a medium. The new pair fit perfectly well, and were put into the wash for the next day. Keep in mind, the washing/drying instructions were followed EXACTLY to a "t." Trying them on the next day, they were too small. In fact, they were smaller than the previous pair of pants that I had sent back. I returned the shrunk pair, and didn't bother with ordering a third, and larger pair.
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