1,865,000 đ
Giá trọn gói về Việt Nam 1,865,000 đ
Giá Trước Thuế tại Mỹ $61.99
Trọng Lượng Vận Chuyển (Tạm Tính) 0.66kg

(*) Lưu Ý: Giá đã bao gồm toàn bộ thuế phí. Tuy nhiên, có thể phát sinh thêm chi phí vận chuyển nếu Trọng Lượng Thực Tế > Trọng Lượng Tạm Tính. 1 số loại hàng hòa có thể phát sinh thêm Phụ Thu Hàng Hóa Đặc Biệt. Vui lòng xem BẢNG GIÁ PHỤ THU HÀNG HÓA

  • Grapefruit, Mint, Blood Mandarin
  • Rose, Cinnamon, Spicy Notes
  • Leather, Woody Notes, Amber, Indian Patchouli
  • Product Packaging May Vary
  • 1 Million marks the come-back of asserted masculine seduction
  • Giao Hàng Cực Nhanh, từ 15 đến 20 ngày
  • Cam kết chính hãng
  • Hỗ trợ đền bù rủi ro
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    Thanh toán đảm bảo bằng nhiều hình thức: Chuyển Khoản Ngân Hàng, Thẻ Tín Dụng, Thẻ ATM, Tiền Mặt
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    Giao hàng tận nhà trên khắp 63 tỉnh thành toàn quốc
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Sản phẩm này hiện chưa có thông số chi tiết

Đánh giá
bởi Ryan B.
The fact that the bar codes have been cut off with a razor blade worries me on its authenticity. Just received it today. There was a white sticker over one of the cut out bar codes.
bởi M. Todd
For anyone who has been using this cologne for years, like I have, will notice right away that this is a knock off. The scent is different, it doesn't last and was a waste of $56. YOU CANNOT RETURN THIS. Go to Macy's and get it. Every time I fly internationally I buy the large one at the duty free store. That's just about the only ongoing deal you'll find for this product; otherwise, wait for it to come on sale or use a Macy's coupon if you can find one.
bởi Loso from Virginia
I almost never leave reviews, I used to think they were fake back in the day lol but anyway I ordered this cologne bc I had googled what are the top men's cologne and it gave me a top 10 list and this one was number 1 with an amazon link to it so i ordered it BUT ended up reading the reviews on it after the fact and a lot of them were bad saying that it was fake and didn't smell like the real one and so i went back and tried to cancel it but it had already shipped...needless to say i'm glad it didn't cancel it came in the mail super fast i opened it and the bottle looks really good for starters I'm off for the day and have nothing to do so i sprayed it on just to see how it smelled and how long it would last...i just sprayed one push onto my wrist a lot kinda came out and AT FIRST the smell was strong(i know how to put on cologne too lol)and my wife was saying wow it's strong(i'm thinking oh no right away)so I just waved it around and rubbed it into my hoodie about a hour later it started smelling really smooth and mellow i'm like damn this smells good and my wife walked passed me and got a whiff and asked was that smell the cologne??!!...I say all of that to say this if this one is fake I almost want to purchase a bottle from Macy's just to compare the two because this smells awesome and it hold its smell for a few hours I'm very happy on the purchase...
bởi Damel Spooner
I put this cologne on and in no more than 10 mins (if so long), I can no longer smell anything. I have used this cologne numerous times in the past (this would make my 4th bottle) and am aware of the effects it usually has. I apply at least 5 full sprays, and if I ask, people say they didn't notice I had cologne on. I regret making this purchase 100%.
bởi Jeremy
If you were to stop by a counter in a department store, you might find yourself thinking it was designed to disguise inherited trimethylaminuria. In its raw form, it has a musky and heavy handed fragrance, but don’t be fooled. Mixed with the pheromones of your standard adult male, with decent grooming and a standard hygiene practice, this cologne transforms into something pleasant.Through the magic of biochemistry, you’ll find that people of all persuasions asking you “What are you wearing?” Or telling you that you smell amazing.
bởi Angel Ojeda
Great scent. Really smooth. More suitable for a formal/night occasion like going clubbing or a wedding. I would say it is suitable for a date BUT the thing is you might smell like someone else as is it a common and desired cologne. However if you do, I wouldn't just spray it on right before I go out though. I prefer to spray it on my shirt the 1 to 2 hours before I go out on any occasion as it is really harsh and sharp at first. But it settles to a smooth rich smell. It lasts for hours with 2 sprays, but if you are going to an occasion where there is a ton of people and you want to be well known, spray 4-5.
bởi T.A. Sanders
Excellent scent. Many compliments. It smells like a wealthy, powerful gentleman. Lol! The ladies love it.
bởi D. T. Sutter
It’s a great smell but for some reason, it’s been giving me migraines. I wore it for a week and started having strong lasting headaches, which I’ve never had before. I tried to isolate food and other allergens, but the only change was the cologne. So I washed the clothes that it had been on, and didn’t spray it on again for a week. Headaches went away. I tried it one more time a week later and like clockwork, 30 minutes after application, the headache returned. It’s a great smell, but I’m giving it a low score because they would not allow a return within 30 days and I can’t wear it. Bummer!
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